Independent Associates

Finstar Private Wealth is a leading financial service provider working alongside key independent financial management associates

Not into partnerships? No problem

To find the best solution for your needs, you need a financial partner who is both trustworthy and proficient. With the help of our professional financial consultants, you will receive personalized and in-depth financial advice. Consult with our experts, and we will ensure your business is competitive and successful.

Introducing Independent Financial Management Associates

Growth is not easy, especially when one tries new, unexplored, and potentially expensive business models. We offer corporate benefits, medical insurance, investment and actuarial services, as well as short-term loans to high-net-worth individuals. Independent financial Management Associates can use Finstar Private Wealth’s facilities and business advisory services, as well as request assistance from other specialists within the organization.

As independent financial service providers, Independent financial Associates will be able to use the distribution platform of Finstar Private Wealth, which includes:

  1. Amazing corporate benefits
    Included are service functions as well as administrative duties.
  2. Reliable Health Insurance Sales and Services
  3. Best Short-term services
  4. Proven Succession Planning
    When their business reaches a certain point, independent financial associates may want to move into the Finstar Private Wealth structure.

Experience the awe of working with the industry’s leading financial services experts.