Company Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions for Businesses

In the private healthcare industry, there are many intricacies and inconsistent laws. There is a need for independent, objective, and ongoing guidance. That is why we package healthcare solutions that cater to businesses. We offer both individual and group memberships, and we are known for building integrated business healthcare solutions for our clients.

The bespoke healthcare solutions for businesses and clientele that we provide are as follows:

1. Meticulous with individualized research


We will attempt to assess and discuss the demographics of your medical aid membership and your specific needs, and prepare a comparative analysis of all the choices for you to focus on finding the most appropriate medical scheme, based on an independent and in-depth review of all major medical schemes.

2. Creating comprehensive healthcare policies

The corporate healthcare policy should be in place and kept up to date in all companies. With our assistance, you will be able to create one and ensure that your organization’s management has a clear understanding of all aspects of healthcare financing, including a preventive HIV/AIDS plan.

3. Policy and Regulation


Our healthcare solutions for businesses are more than just your ordinary plans. We are well-positioned to offer advice and assist you in navigating ever-changing regulations as a professional healthcare consultant, ensuring you are made aware and allowed to function appropriately.

4. Council on Medical Assistance service


Our support and guidance can help your committee ensure a good approach to healthcare funding that engages all parties in your organization.

5. Consulting and Member Training


In recent years, insurance companies have failed to educate their members about how to choose an acceptable benefit option, how to understand how the plan works, and how to deal with the limited coverage we’ve come to expect from what has become an exorbitant but necessary coverage. Unlike those who ignore the non-working spouses who usually oversee the family medical aid, we like to include them in the conversation.

6. Dedicated member interaction on an ongoing basis

Medical aid companies often introduce new rates and benefits around the end of the calendar year, with the new fees and perks taking effect in January of the next year. All members receive timely notice and straightforward communication, as well as the option to attend workshops and one-on-one meetings as needed for your company’s healthcare solutions.

7. Personalized attention to the members


If your company hires Finstar Private Wealth corporate consultancy services to be its medical aid consultants for your healthcare solutions, we’ll assign a dedicated consultant to oversee all parts of service and assistance to your personnel. Your consultant may handle billing concerns, new application and termination processing, troublesome claims, and any complex concern that a member may have in addition to member training and choice modifications.

8. Extensive medical assistance after retirement

Upon retirement, many employees are unaware of the financial impact medical aid contributions will have on them. Members will be able to assess this future responsibility and pre-fund it using a prefunding calculator.

Would you like to build, maintain, or safeguard your business’ wealth with our healthcare solutions?