Corporate Advisory and Employee Benefits

Financial Advisory Services with Finstar

Your financial goals are set up with perks that will secure your future

Have you ever considered setting financial goals for yourself or your business? With our financial advisory services, whether it’s generating superior service from an existing benefits plan or optimizing existing benefits providers, we strive to assist our clients with selecting a benefits package that meets their needs and matches their company culture. Our team provides you with the best-in-class financial forecasts for any business financial plan by identifying your financial objectives.

Additionally, each individual will have access to financial professionals as a part of our financial advisory services who can assist you with setting and achieving your respective long-term financial goals.

Risk management solutions for groups

We provide Group Risk Management Solutions as an independent risk supplier as part of our financial advisory services, assisting clients with the selection of acceptable risk providers based on your needs regarding price, benefit structures, and demographics, through risk costing audits and discussions with service providers.

Financial advisory on investments


  • Advisory through FSCA-registered asset managers in categories I, II, and IIA.
  • Advisory on risk profile analysis of investment funds
  • Advisory on investment strategy recommendations
  • Exclusive reporting on fund returns and market developments regularly to make particular investment proposals with financial advisory services.

Best asset-liability modelling


  • Asset-Liability Modeling, It is a powerful statistical method that can help clients (corporations and individuals) allocate assets to their specific obligations based on their specific needs as a part of our financial advisory services.

Actuarial Services and solutions

  • In-house or onsite actuarial services
  • We can collaborate and work with the actuary hired by the administrator

Exclusive workshops on member financial management

  • The Financial Management workshops as a part of our financial advisory services are designed to provide employees with the tools and we’ll talk about financial investments, retirement savings, and other basic financial matters to provide employees with the access to tools they need to develop a comprehensive financial budget.

Financial advisory services for retirement funds

  • Assisting in establishing and maintaining independent administrator partnerships with all key providers, as well as providing objective counsel and advice regarding appropriate administrator appointments for expenses, fund requirements, and demographics.
  • In addition to our financial advisory services, we offer an employee benefits administration support service tailored to the needs of a private client to ensure the selected administrator follows agreed service levels and administrator agreements.