Fiduciary services

Drafting legal deeds

Wills are among the most important documents you will ever write. As a result, it is imperative that you create your Will with the help of Finstar Private Wealth’s trust and fiduciary services through our professional advisors.

Our attorneys offer comprehensive trust and fiduciary services that ensure your Will complies with the Wills Act and that your wishes are carried out effectively and efficiently.

Trust and Fiduciary Services by Finstar Private Wealth


Creating a trust agreement

In every client’s estate plan, a trust is essential, since it is the only legal vehicle through which he can sell himself of his assets while remaining actively involved in their management on a day-to-day basis. With our trust and fiduciary services, our trust experts will assure that the trust deed is customized to meet your exact specifications, guiding you through the process of setting up a trust.


Guidlines for trust governance

The details of your trust deed are worthless if they are not correctly administered. The majority of clients who construct trusts to hold their wealth face the greatest risk. With Finstar Private Wealth’s trust and fiduciary services, we help make this easier for you by storing all of your important documents in a secure location, so that the trustee is always aware of the trust’s choices and governance at all times.


Estate administration and governance

When managing estates of the deceased, our deceased administration department provides professional, efficient, and personal service. Inheritance duty, capital gains tax, and the final settlement are handled by estate attorneys.