Wealth Management, Wills and Estate Planning

Wealth Management, Wills and Estate Planning

As a part of Finstar’s wealth management, your wills and estate planning are handled with great care.

There is great importance in wills and estate planning. A lot of people have heard of wills, but not many have heard of estate planning. Estate planning is about so much more than just wills. It refers to legal documents that help you plan for the future based on what your assets are today, who will inherit those assets after you die, and how long it might take for that to happen.

Creation and administration of wills and estate planning

Finstar’s specialists are skilled at managing the wealth and complexities of high-net-worth individuals and families, and they provide unmatched levels of care and personalized knowledge for all wills and estate planning. For your ultimate peace of mind, our experts offer a variety of services, including drafting your Will, changing or amending it, and collecting and securing it for you as your financial gatekeeper.

Trusts and wealth management

We offer comprehensive, customized services for both corporations, trusts, and personal interactions to ensure the proper planning, risk management, regulatory compliance, and tax obligations.


Asset Security

There are very few legal institutions in the country that can provide a person with absolute asset protection. Finstar ensures that all enterprises, estates, securities, and other assets are controlled in the right trusts and corporate entities, so legally limiting a person’s risk.


Inheritance Tax Management

A properly structured corporation and trust can greatly reduce capital gains tax, inheritance tax, and executor fees. These arrangements can be integrated into your Will or Testament.


Inheritance Planning

Would your business structures ensure that your assets would be distributed to your loved ones in the event of your death, disability, or serious illness? We will establish the appropriate legal entities and negotiate the relevant agreements to ensure that your rewards flow freely to your heirs while minimizing taxes and penalties.

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